502 Restaurant Week: Louisville’s Foodie Event

Whether you are a foodie, or you hate the word “foodie”, there’s no denying that Louisville is home to some of the most fantastic dining you can find.  We have a lot of “taste of” events in Louisville like Taste of Derby and Taste of Frankfort Ave, which are delicious and awesome, but if you look at other major (and minor) cities in this country, you find a lot of them have what is known as “restaurant week”.  Why doesn’t Louisville have one?  Enter 502 Restaurant Week, a new event that is meant to showcase the amazing eateries we have in our city and finally give us the “restaurant week” that we have been looking for!

This is the first year for 502 Restaurant Week and by looking at the list of participating restaurants, I would say we have a lot to look forward to!  Starting tomorrow, Friday, February 22nd, 2013 participating restaurants will be offering a 3-course, special prix-fixe menu to diners for 10 days through March 3.  The price is either $50.20 per person or per couple depending on the restaurant, but either way it will be a great value for diners and great exposure for restaurants.   The menus can be viewed on the 502 Restaurant Week website and reservations can also be made there.  This is a great opportunity to try a new restaurant or try a special menu at your old favorite!

502 Events, a local event creation and management company, is responsible for putting this event together, and after speaking on the phone with Lea, the VP of 502 events, I get the feeling that this will not be the last time you hear their name.  They have high hopes for this year’s maiden voyage of 502 Restaurant Week and they plan to execute the event annually in Louisville.  They also offer event planning services for a variety of occasions.  I would encourage you to go online and make a reservation for at least one of these restaurants on at least one of the ten days.  I would also love to hear how your experience was if you do participate!  Send me an email at:  Justin@metrolouisvillemls.net


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