DiOrio’s in the Highlands

New DiOrio's location in the Highlands
New DiOrio’s location in the Highlands

Local St. Matthews pizzeria, DiOrio’s Pizza Pub, has opened a new location in the Highlands.  A lot of people got to meet and greet, and eat and drink on the day of the St. Patrick’s Parade this year.  DiOrio’s figured out that there would be 50,000 + people in attendance for the St. Patrick’s Parade so they pushed and pulled, and got a few things in order a little earlier than they had planned so that they could have a presence during this HUGE Highlands event.  Good call.  From what I understand, they had a great opening day / soft-opening weekend.

The new Highlands DiOrio’s location is at 917 Baxter Ave, across the street from The Outlook Inn.  I know what you’re probably thinking (cause i was thinking the same):  “why would anyone want to put another pizza pub on the street where pizzas and pubs already rule?”  I think that’s a good and relevant question, however Vic DiOrio (owner) addressed it by talking about what DiOrio’s has to offer that others don’t.  While people will say “too much pizza, blah blah”, Vic says he owns a great place to watch a game, and a great place to host a special gathering or private party.  Well, good point.  I have to agree that you can’t watch a game at Spinelli’s or Papalino’s, and watching a game at Wick’s usually sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, Wick’s may be my favorite pizza in the whole world, but I am not a fan of watching sports there.

While DiOrio’s has a full menu (like the one in St Matthews) that includes sandwiches, salads, and other entrees, it’s main focus is pizza.  They have a delicious pie.  I can’t argue.  DiOrio’s offers a 10″, 20″, and a serious 30″ pizza that feeds the whole family.  And speaking of  family, Vic’s partners in ownership are all family, and they consider themselves a family establishment.  Of course there’s a full bar, but DiOrio’s does not want to be another bar among bars.  It was reiterated that this is a great place to host a gathering and / or watch a sporting event.

917 Baxter Ave has been home to quite a few Highlands nightclubs and some different Highlands restaurants in the past, but most have been short-lived.  Most recently this amazing, historic building was home to The Tequila Factory, which closed in 2012.  I hope everything works out well for DiOrio’s in the Highlands.  I will certainly be adding it to the pizza rotation in my own home, and although I was unable to watch the Cards win the national championship there last night, I will be watching some Masters Golf this weekend.

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