Tyler Park Garden Tour 2013

338781_458625670822718_436040_oThe Tyler Park Neighborhood Association holds its annual garden tour this Saturday, June 14th from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.  One of many beautiful neighborhoods in the Highlands, Tyler Park neighborhood has some extremely unique homes with rolling lots and plenty of gardeners to manicure them.

This year promises to be amazing as in years past, however there are some gardens this year that have never been seen before.  Mostly focusing on the upper Tyler Park neighborhood areas, the 2013 Tyler Park Garden Tour will be featuring Valley Rd, Summit Ave, Hill Rd, Royal Ave, and Eastern Parkway.  This is definitely one of the best garden tours in the city of Louisville!  Go tour these beautiful Tyler Park gardens and come back with ideas for your own home and backyard.  You will also have the opportunity to meet some of the gardeners and gain insights into keeping the true Highlands beauty even through challenging landscapes.

Tickets for the Tyler Park Garden Tour can bee purchased at the ValuMarket  in Mid-City Mall at 1250 Bardstown Rd, 40204.  They are $12 each and can be purchased in advance or on the day of the tour.  The proceeds from ticket sales will go toward replacing the Tyler Tyler Park FountainPark Neighborhood banners around the area.  The Tyler Park Garden Tour begins at Mid-City Mall at 9:30 am Saturday where you will receive a map with garden descriptions, free bottled water, and entry for door prizes.  From there the air conditioned van will take you on  the tour, which continuously runs until 3:30.  As some of the terrain is difficult, you will want to wear the appropriate footwear. 

Spend the day taking in the true beauty of the Highlands in the Tyler Park Neighborhood.  The garden tour will be one to remember!


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