Highlands Festival This Weekend

OGHighlandsJust when you think that the Highlands has slowed down from all the madness of Derby, Spring, and Summer; September hits!  September is when the Original Highlands Festival is every year, and this year it happens Saturday, September 14th from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Highlands Fest will shut down Baxter Ave between Highland Ave and Broadway in order to fill it with artists, vendors, and live music.  All people of all ages can come out and enjoy the sights and sounds ofBaxterChristy the Highlands while walking / partying with your friends down Baxter Ave.  There are activities for the kids, and plenty to see and do for the adults!  This also happens to be the same weekend that our beloved Louisville Cardinals football team takes on the rival University of Kentucky.  I would be willing to bet that all the pubs along Baxter Ave will be showing the game on every tv, but it’s just a hunch.  I know that the Outlook Inn will be open at 11:00am ready to serve you a bloody mary and a Cards victory.  During commercial breaks and half time you can run out into the street and groove to the sounds of The Pass or A Lion Named Roar.

As if I haven’t dropped enough good news on you today, I have to squeeze in this last little tidbit…the weather forecast.  It has been hot this week.  Like, really hot.  Never fear, Highlanders.  The high temperature on Saturday is 72!  What a great weekend to kick off the Fall!  So come on out to the Highlands for the Highlands Festival this weekend and enjoy some fellowship!

Sat Sep 14

Sunny72°  High
50°  Low


Chance of rain:
NE at 8 mph


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