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9 Sandwiches in Louisville You Should Eat


My top two favorite foods: 1) Pizza  2) Sandwiches.  There are hundreds of reasons why sandwiches rule, and I can assume that most everyone knows all of them so I won’t bore you with why. What I will do is hand off this gem of a guide to Louisville sandwiches so that you can be informed on these fantastic eats. Here are 9 of my favorites in no particular order:

1 | The Handsome Rob Wrap Chop Shop Salads | St Matthews, Downtown, Hurstbourne

ChopShopHoly cow, this thing is amazing. Chop Shop, in short, is a Louisville lunch spot that sells salads and wraps. They place all the ingredients for your particular wrap or salad on a giant cutting board and chop it up with a mezzaluna right in front of you. Everything at Chop Shop is made in house including some of the most wicked dressings ever created. The Handsome Rob has chicken, steak, green peppers, red peppers, banana peppers, jalapeños, corn, cucumber, sharp cheddar, romaine and iceberg lettuce, fried onion straws, and crispy tortilla strips. Dressings are balsamic vinaigrette and green goddess. I like to splash a little Sriracha in there as well. Wow.

2 | Chicken Portobello Roll | Cafe Lou Lou | Highlands, St Matthews

loudecorHPAn amazing amount of flavor is packed into this sandwich at the Louisville Originals restaurant, Cafe Lou Lou. The Chicken Portobello Roll is a masterpiece of sorts. Start with Cafe Lou Lou’s juicy and flavorful grilled chicken sautéed in a spicy red pepper sauce with portobello mushrooms, and finish it with spinach, tomatoes, and feta and mozzarella cheeses. This sandwich is wrapped in lavash bread and toasted in the oven. It comes with their spectacular pasta salad or spicy, baked Cajun crisps.  You can also get this sandwich delivered!

3 | Blackened Shrimp Po’ Boy | Roux | Highlands

Entry3If you want crusty French bread straight out of New Orleans and all the fixins of a serious po’ boy sandwich, check out Roux in the Highlands. They have a number of different flavors, but I’m talking about the blackened shrimp po’ boy. First, this is real French bread, straight from Leidenheimer Baking Company in New Orleans. Second, the blackened shrimp have amazing flavor and a nice kick to them. Third, you have shredded lettuce, pickles, and tomato with plenty of mayo and Crystal Hot sauce to finish of this amazing sandwich. This beauty is served with a bag of Zapp’s Voodoo potato chips, and it’s easily one of Louisville’s best sandwiches.

4 | Chicken Cordon Bleu | Flanagan’s Ale House | Highlands

Don’t let it fool you.  Even if you’ve never really met a cordon bleu that you like, try the one at Flanagan’s.  It’s a monster chicken breast, which they batter that themselves in a mixture of crack and other spices, lettuce and tomato, on a kaiser roll.  Of course the sandwich wouldn’t be complete without the ham and melted cheese, but Flanagan’s also finishes this amazing piece with their own white wine garlic sauce right on the bun.  It really makes the sandwich a winner.

5 | Beer Cheese Philly Steak | Flanagan’s Ale House | Highlands

My other favorite Louisville sandwich from Flanagan’s Ale House in the Highlands is the Beer Cheese Philly Steak. Grilled steak with sautéed onions and peppers topped with their homemade beer cheese makes my mouth water just thinking about it. This sandwich is very similar to the authentic style of Philly made with cheese whiz, but the beer cheese is a great substitute for the whiz. Pile all this stuff really high on a soft hoagie roll and you’ve got yourself a fine Philly!

6 | JBs Panini | Meridian Cafe | St Matthews

MeridianSideFull2Meridian Cafe is another Louisville Originals restaurant, and they have lot’s of delicious sandwiches to munch on.  JBs Panini is Garey Farm’s pasture-raised turkey (this is not deli turkey, this is real thanksgiving turkey), fresh mixed greens, provolone and bleu cheeses, and crispy bacon on a fabulous rosemary focaccia bread. It’s a flavor explosion and so fresh.  I will tell you right now that this is only one of my favorite Meridian Cafe sandwiches. Also try their HOMEMADE CORNED BEEF!

9 | Gyro | Alwatan | Hikes Point

In one of the strangest buildings on Klondike Ln in a most unsuspecting of Louisville neighborhoods, Alwatan Restaurant and Sweets is awesome when it comes to food…especially Gyros. This pita is homemade, and it’s incredible. Both the lamb gyro and the chicken gyro are tough to beat, but you’re sure to find other delectable sandwiches on their menu. If you like gyros, you will want to give Alwatan a shot. Don’t look for the best service here, just authentic middle eastern deliciousness!

8 | Deli SandwichStevens & Stevens Delicatessen | Highlands

Sometimes you just want a deli sandwich: something already built and time-tested on the menu, OR something creative on the “build your own” side of the menu. Either way, you want meat to be sliced right in front of you for your sandwich.  You want to choose whether it’s a hot sandwich or a cold sandwich.  You want radical, house-made pasta and potato sides. For all of these things check out Stevens and Stevens Delicatessen in the Highlands.

9 | Chicken and Prosciutto Panini | Lotsa Pasta | St Matthews

Lotsa Pasta, being an international food shop, carries a wide variety of unique products, and only the finest quality.  First off, the prosciutto is amazing. Then you have fresh, house-made sun-dried tomato pesto, chicken, spinach, and fontina cheese.  All this comes on their fresh baked focaccia, pressed on the grill to warm your soul.

**Check out authentic Lobster Rolls at the Longshot Lobsta Food Truck!

You may notice that I left off a Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich on here, well that’s because Louisville BBQ gets its own post. Similarly, there will be a dedicated Hot Brown post as well, so be on the lookout.  In the mean time try some of these 9 amazing Louisville sandwiches!

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6 thoughts on “9 Sandwiches in Louisville You Should Eat

  1. So my wife and I are trying to knock out all of these sammys… far the handsome rob at chop shop was the amazing. The Philly at st Matt’s Spinelli’s was crap. Cold bread and no peppers.



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