Longshot Lobsta is Wicked Awesome

Lobster rolls have finally come to Louisville, and they’re wicked awesome!  Longshot Lobsta is a new food truck here in Louisville that was started by Phil Goldsborough and Rick Torres; a couple of names you may recognize.  Torres is a  former chef at Jack Fry’s and ex-proprietor of one of my favorite Highlands spots from the past, Alameda (currently Impellizzeri’s pizza) at the corner of Edgeland Ave and Bardstown Rd.  Goldsborough used to own Longshot’s Tavern in Clifton.  A while back he sold it and went elsewhere for a bit, but like most people do, he returned to Louisville.

Now, the two longtime friends have partnered up to recreate something they discovered on a trip to New Jersey.  According to their story, they were in New Jersey when they saw a food truck with a massive crowd around it.  That food truck was selling one item: lobster rolls.  So they brought it to Louisville.  Longshot Lobsta serves their lobster rolls in three different styles.  There are a few variations of this New England treat so they decided to serve them all.  You can get it served hot, dripping with butter, which is the only way I personally have ever had one of these sandwiches up north.  They also have two cold lobster rolls; one tossed with mayo, celery, and seasoning; and one tossed with yogurt, celery, and seasoning.  I’m sure that I will get around to trying the cold sandwiches, but after the amazing hot lobster roll I had, I will be choosing the same one over and over again for a while.  If you’ve ever had one of these delectable sandwiches up north, you will not be disappointed in the quality and freshness that Longshot Lobsta provides! Don’t forget cheddar bay biscuits, clam chowder, and lobsta bisque.

Check out their Facebook page to track their location, and go get one of these things.  I’m serious.  I wrote a post a few weeks ago about 9 Sandwiches in Louisville You Should Eat, and I wish I had waited to publish it because a lobster roll from Longshot Lobsta would have been on there!

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