From L.A. – Stout Burgers and Beers Opening in the Highlands

The spot formerly known as La Bodega Tapas Bar, which was sister to De La Torres Spanish Restaurant, a Highlands favorite for 25 years, has been leased! After De La Torres closed its doors in April of 2014, one of the best new restaurants of the year, Louvino, opened its doors. Since then we have all been patiently waiting for someone to take over next door where La Bodega used to dwell. Recently I noticed that vacant Highlands restaurant had been marked as a pending lease. One day later, I found out that we are getting a new addition from the west coast.

Stout’s Hollywood Location Image:

The neighborhood craft beer and gourmet burger restaurant with three Los Angeles locations, “Stout”, has decided that the Highlands will be part of their first restaurant opening outside of the Los Angeles area. Along with a planned Nashville location, Stout Burgers and Beers will be taking over the 1606 Bardstown Road location next door to Louvino.

The goal is to be open before Derby, and the concept is exactly as it sounds. Serving a multitude of craft beers on draft and in bottles, the Stout crew wants to provide an educational brew experience paired with fresh, delicious burger options, organic chicken options, and quinoa-based veggie burger options. Looking through the Hollywood beer menu I see some familiar faces, and some not-so-familiar ones, mixed in with some nice wine selections. The food menu offers fresh and interesting combinations with descriptive suggested beer pairings for each menu item. It’s also noted on their website that they are bringing some sort of “beerfest” to the table. There is no information about this beer festival yet, but it seems like Stout Burgers and Beers will be right at home in the Highlands.

It’s also worthy to note that instead of expanding their neighborhood restaurant to the easier, more obvious surrounding areas of California, they chose Louisville, KY. More importantly they chose the Highlands restaurant scene. Obviously they know about our already incredible food network here, and they are eager to be a part of it. Welcome to the ville, West Coasters!

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