The Finest Fries Found in Louisville: With or Without Sauce

Ketchup-lovers may not like my criteria for the best fries in Louisville and I’m OK with that. I’m not a ketchup guy. If I don’t love the flavor of that delicious fried potato “as-is”, then I won’t give it a second chance. After I eat the first naked fry to make sure that the taste measures up, then I can move to the sauce. Keep in mind that “the sauce” is never ketchup for me. I know that there have to be other people out there like me, so I decided to put together a list of my favorite fries in Louisville. All of these fries can be eaten as they come with nothing else, but some Louisville restaurants have such delectable sauce options that even the biggest ketchup fan might switch teams.

Holy Grale | Highlands

IMAG1527It doesn’t hurt that delicious beer goes great with delicious fries, and the Holy Grale has more delicious beers than you can shake a stick at. But, more importantly they have an appetizer on their menu that seems so simple, yet it’s a big winner in my book. Their entire food menu is fantastic, but the Fritjes appetizer at Holy Grale is what I’m talking about today. “Fritjes” is just a French or Dutch word (or a combination of both?) that means fries. However, in Belgium there is a technique variation that gives fries a better texture than our average American fries. The potatoes are cooked in a lower temperature oil (around 350 F). Once they are cooked, they are removed from the oil, drained, and flash fried in a hotter oil (400-425 F) in order to crisp them quickly and give them color. Holy Grale uses this technique, and it produces that same texture: crispy, but not burned. It makes all the difference in the world. The only seasoning they use is coarse sea salt, and that’s all you need. When it comes to sauce options, Holy Grale has a lot. Their curried ketchup or fritje sauce are some standard Belgian offerings that are certainly delicious, but if you want the best, order the Samurai sauce. I could drink the Samurai sauce by itself. Wow, these fries are the best in Louisville! P.S. – Don’t forget how awesome their patio is!

Momma’s Mustard, Pickles, and BBQ | St Matthews | Hurstbourne

MommasBBQNot only does Momma’s make my favorite BBQ in Louisville and my favorite wings in Louisville, their fries are making the list also, and there are a couple of reasons behind that decision. First of all, these fries are seasoned and seasoned well. The salty concoction resembles the flavor of the dry rub that Momma’s uses for their wings, and it just so happens to work really nicely on potatoes. Second, these Louisville fries have a nice, ‘tweener texture. By no means are they soggy, but they’re not crunchy either. The texture lies right in the middle. Third, Momma’s Mustard, Pickles, and BBQ makes their own insanely delicious mustard. Do I spread it my BBQ pork sandwich? Absolutely. Would I put it on a cinnamon roll in the morning? Probably. It’s so good that it makes you question why you ever enjoyed “regular” mustard in your life, and it goes great with the fries. That’s right, I dip these amazing Louisville fries in their amazing homemade mustard, and you should too!

Bunz Burgerz | Highlands

Bunz Burgerz

One of the best burgers in Louisville has to have some of the best fries, right? Right. Bunz Burgerz on Baxter Ave has delicious fries. The fries themselves are not magical, but once again the crisp texture, and perfect cook of these Louisville fries makes them taste better than most. Once they’re out of the fryer, they immediately get placed in an aluminum bowl and seasoned with a special blend of love. The seasoning is good, but the sauce is better. Their signature Bunz Sauce is something special. It’s special for your burger, your homemade poppers, your onion rings, and anything else you want to dip in it. It’s tangy, creamy, and funky, and it goes great on some of Louisville’s best fries! When you go Bunz Burgerz, make sure you order a side of Bunz sauce.

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