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What’s Brewing in the Highlands: Gravely Brewing Company

Tunnels at Gravely Brewing CoI stood gazing out at the Louisville skyline from an elevated observation deck that sits on top of a pair of historically intriguing stone tunnels on a beautiful sunny day, and I sipped on one of Louisville’s freshest new craft beers. There are tables sitting on a bed of wood chips, and it feels like a great place to drink a beer. On my first visit to Louisville’s newest craft brewery, Gravely Brewing Company, I managed to take in some of what they offer, but not everything. That’s not to say that I only had half of an experience, rather that there is so much to do at Gravely that I couldn’t fit it all into my 2 hour visit. I guess I will have to go back. Here’s what you need to know.


Gravely Brewing Co Craft Beer Craft MusicGravely Brewing Company is located at 514 Baxter Ave near Ward 426 and the intersection at Barret Ave. The owners are brothers-in-law along with their wives (who are sisters). They describe their operation as a “music brewery – a place where both craft beer and craft music are produced and experienced.” Um, yeah, I’ll sign up for that. A nice live music venue with a solid stage sits in the back corner of the renovated building. As if that wasn’t enough, get this…they open at 2:00 pm Monday-Thursday and NOON on Friday. For me, that’s helpful. So many places open at 4:00, and it makes it difficult for me to try out new places during the week. On another beautiful note, the Mayan Street Food truck is a permanent fixture at Gravely. So, if you’re hungry, grab some tacos. Food begins at 4:00 pm Monday – Friday, and 12:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. It just keeps getting better.


Gravely Brewing Co Bar and WindowTo put it plainly, the atmosphere at Gravely Brewing Co is awesome. Polished concrete floors, metal, and wood all work together to create a nice industrial feel to the building, yet the amount of natural light pouring in through the large garage doors and picture windows gives the space a lot of warmth. So, while the industrial look tends to be a little cold, this is not the case at Gravely. The wall behind the bar is a sort of mosaic of built-in shelving which houses a myriad of stereo equipment, old receivers, speakers, etc, adding a cool touch of vintage.

Gravely Brewing Co - Brew systemAs a Realtor and construction nerd, I have to point out the fact that the rafters in this place are covered in spray foam insulation. I’m not telling you this so that you can rest easy about Gravely’s LG&E bills, I’m telling you because the spray foam insulation deadens the sound throughout the building. So, no matter how busy it is, you are able to carry on a conversation without yelling. This is huge. You might also notice that the bar is split in half, and there’s a gigantic “theater curtain” (i guess that’s the technical term for it) that is used to separate the the front of the bar from the back of the bar that connects to the room where the music stage resides. So, even on a live music night, you can still carry on a conversation. These are the features I appreciate most.

Photo Booth at Gravely Brewing CoThe brewing operation is on display at the front entrance behind a large glass window. Just off the front entrance is also a photo booth! Yeah, there’s a permanent photo booth at Gravely so that you can take home some memories.

Louisville Skyline at Gravely Brewing CoLast, but not least is the patio and observation deck that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. What a beautiful view to take in while you sip on a cold beer. The Louisville skyline is just off in the distance, and the seating out there is ample.


Well I guess we should get to the point here. Gravely brews some delicious stuff. There offerings include two sizes: half or full. They don’t offer flights, however it will make sense for the patrons who are searching for a flight to order a few different half pours as I did.

The Blood Orange IPA | Gravely Brewing Co
The Blood Orange IPA | Gravely Brewing Co

I first tried an experimental Blood Orange IPA. The brewtender said that they didn’t make much of the first batch because they wanted to work on the recipe. The color of this beer is beautiful. You can smell the orange straight from the get go. The taste is the same as the nose. There was more orange in this beer than any other blood orange IPA I have ever tried. Bitterness hits you pretty hard. I like it. I think with a few tweaks they will make this thing a real stunner.

Next, I went to the Invisible Touch IPA, 7.2% abv. Thanks, Phil Collins! This is a very juicy, very citrusy Northeast IPA. It’s not necessarily a grapefruity citrus, but a cool grassy flavor comes through in a big way, almost like a Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a fantastic beer that has its own personality

Finally, I tried the Electric Wavy IPA, 7.3% abv. This is a super bright IPA that demonstrates incredible balance with some really nice floral notes . It’s a modest two-hop ale that goes down smooth.

When I return, I will dig into their darker brews, but this visit was enough to keep me coming back. It’s a really nice walking into a new place where you can immediately feel that they’ve done it properly. Go check it out, and let me know when you do…because I will go with you!

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