What’s for Lunch in Louisville? (part 2)

Lunch is one of my favorite things. I love sandwiches, salads, and appetizers; and all of these things could be considered “lunch food”, according to me. Last year I wrote part one of this piece and called it, “Lunch Lovers Love Louisville Lunches“. Today I come to you with an even greater love for Lunch in Louisville, and some new additions to the list! Continue reading “What’s for Lunch in Louisville? (part 2)”

The Finest Fries Found in Louisville: With or Without Sauce

Ketchup-lovers may not like my criteria for the best fries in Louisville and I’m OK with that. I’m not a ketchup guy. If I don’t love the flavor of that delicious fried potato “as-is”, then I won’t give it a second chance. After I eat the first naked fry to make sure that the taste measures up, then I can move to the sauce. Keep in mind that “the sauce” is never ketchup for me. I know that there have to be other people out there like me, so I decided to put together a list of my favorite fries in Louisville. All of these fries can be eaten as they come with nothing else, but some Louisville restaurants have such delectable sauce options that even the biggest ketchup fan might switch teams. Continue reading “The Finest Fries Found in Louisville: With or Without Sauce”

Hillbilly Tea Shack Baxter Ave: Perfect Highlands Addition

HillbillyTeaIf you’re unfamiliar with Hillbilly Tea, a hit Louisville eatery downtown on 1st St with one of the most interesting concepts in the city, then you may not have noticed their most recent spot, which landed in the Highlands back in the fall. There has been a lot of talk recently about Portland and all the great things that are supposed to be happening in the West Louisville neighborhood, including a Hillbilly Tea location, but few people have mentioned Hillbilly Tea Shack on Baxter Ave, the recent addition to the Highlands in one of the most awkward and overlooked locations in the neighborhood. Continue reading “Hillbilly Tea Shack Baxter Ave: Perfect Highlands Addition”