What’s Your Home Type?

I have learned that people love to talk about what they want in their new home and where they want that new home to be.  It never fails.  Even the quietest client will immediately start talking if you ask them what their dream home looks like.  I love it when clients begin telling me how they want their home to look or why they want a certain location!  It really gives me a sense of who they are and what’s important to them in life.  

Maybe you have bought 20 homes in your life and maybe you have never bought one.  Either way you need someone working on your behalf.  This form is a great place to start, at least.  If you have any questions about the home buying or selling process, or questions about what home features would fit your needs, you can email info@metrolouisvillemls.net

Thinking about buying a home

I’m not quite ready to get serious about buying a home yet, but I like to look!

Thinking about selling a home


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